Industry news: Collaboration is important and profitable


Strengthening the dialogue and collaboration between universities, businesses and the public sector is an important contribution to securing the supply of skills. A recent survey that Mittuniversitetet conducted, showed that there is a great interest to collaborate even more with the university. The survey showed that almost all municipalities and a majority of the company´s wants to start a collaboration or … Read More

Technical improvements in Mira


During 2013 we have made some technical improvements in Mira. The improvements are “behind the scenes”, and might not be noticeable for those who work in Mira on a daily basis. But the changes contribute to many benefits. Upgraded to the latest version of .NET Framework Mira Network’s products are based on .NET Framework from Microsoft. We have now upgraded … Read More

Webinar: Maximize your alumni information with Mira Network’s LinkedIn Integration

MiraEvents, Webinar

The date for the webinar is passed. Did you miss it and want to know more? Contact Marcus! Marcus Antonsson Director of Marketing, Sales and Client Relations +46(0)73-633 50 90 – LinkedIn describes themselves as “the world’s largest professional network” and has 225 million members worldwide. Our LinkedIn Integration helps your organization to maintain up to date career information about … Read More

Release #19473. Email campaigns with tracking and automatic management of bounces


Automatic managing of email returns Mira has a new infrastructure for email distribution, which among other things means that the system automatically can manage email bounces when you do a mail campaign and mark these addresses as undeliverable. Email bounces can for example be based on that the domain does not exist: or that the email address does not … Read More

NE/5 Release #18755 Event Module


We are now in the final stages of finishing the first large release for event management. During the spring we have aimed to get all the adjustments in our client systems integrated to a unified code base.  In a non-technical language that means we took all the great things made for specific systems and made them available to everyone. In … Read More

NE/5 Release #15834 Kontaktuppgifter


Under våren 2013 är det dags för release av ny funktionalitet i NE/5. Fokus i denna release är omarbetad funktionalitet för kontaktuppgifter. Nedan finns mer information om innehållet i releasen, för specifik information om vad som gäller för just dig så kan du alltid vända dig till din projektledare. Din projektledare vet också när funktionaliteten blir tillgänglig för dig. Separat flik med kontaktuppgifter … Read More

NE/5 Release #15834 Contact information


During this spring (2013) we have a new major release of NE/5. We have redesigned the basic functionality of managing contact information. You’ll find the details below and if you have any questions you can always contact your project manager, they will also be able to tell you when this will be available for you. Separate tab for contact information. … Read More

Release #16463


It’s now time for a new release of the Fundraising module. You will find information about the release in the text below. You will be contacted by your project leader if you have access to this functionality. Gifts and major gift opportunities. Redesign of the campaign overview page. The campaign overview page has had a complete overhaul and its name changed … Read More

NE 5 Release #15338


System improvements have just been released for NE5. Below you will find information about the content of the release, for specific information regarding your configuration please ask your project manager. The main focus of this release is optimizations and bug fixes, and implies no direct change in functionality or how to work in the system. Queries The management of queries have … Read More