NE 5 Release #15338


System improvements have just been released for NE5. Below you will find information about the content of the release, for specific information regarding your configuration please ask your project manager. The main focus of this release is optimizations and bug fixes, and implies no direct change in functionality or how to work in the system.


The management of queries have been improved and updated. We have also optimized performance when making large queries. For example when you update a large query you get visual feedback while the system is working.

Event Management
We have improved the management of fields for application pages. The workflow is now better supported in the graphical interface in order to minimize errors and you will also get a warning when you have unsaved work.
General optimizations

We have made several optimizations to lower page response times and added visual ques where required.

Smaller adjustments
  • Improvements in the Privacy settings page in the portal.
  • Smaller adjustments in module for adding previous employments in the person profile.
  • Minor fixes on the person profile in the portal on education, business card and subscriptions.
  • … and about 80 minor adjustments in the modules Event Management, Contact Notes, Career opportunities, Queries, Portal registration process, Network Groups.