Technical improvements in Mira


During 2013 we have made some technical improvements in Mira. The improvements are “behind the scenes”, and might not be noticeable for those who work in Mira on a daily basis. But the changes contribute to many benefits.
Upgraded to the latest version of .NET Framework

Mira Network’s products are based on .NET Framework from Microsoft. We have now upgraded to the latest version 4.5, that was launched during 2013. This is a big step since we have upgraded from version 3.5 to version 4.5.

In the daily work the upgrade to the latest version is not noticeable in the first place. But there are many benefits that the product will receive with the latest version. For example improved quality, higher safety and the product is developed in line with modern technological developments.

 Mira’s Email System – proactive actions

This spring, we launched our latest version of Mira’s E-mail System (MES). A major advantage (among others) in the latest release is the reduced risk of e-mail ending up in spam filter. The e-mail world is complicated, and there is never a 100% guarantee that e-mail wont be classified as spam. Therefore, we work proactive and continuously with actions to ensure that your email reaches the receiver.

In the latest version of Mira’s E-mail System, we have improved and expanded capabilities to monitor the mailing and thereby discover if it gets stuck in spam filter. If a situation arises where it is unclear whether a mailing is delivered or not, we obtain good tools to investigate the status of the mailing.

Learn more about the benefits in the latest version of Mira’s E-Mail System. Read more!
Gone from Classic Mode to Integrated Mode

We have changed how our application executes on our servers. We have gone from something that is called Classic Mode to Integrated Mode.

In the daily work, the switch to Integrated Mode is not noticeable. But from a technical perspective and in the long term, the benefits are many. Integrated Mode allows greater control of all questions that are sent to our servers, and wider development opportunities in the future. For example increased performance, reduced initial loading times, and the ability to work on further improvements which includes a faster and more reliable product.