NE/5 Release #15834 Contact information


During this spring (2013) we have a new major release of NE/5. We have redesigned the basic functionality of managing contact information. You’ll find the details below and if you have any questions you can always contact your project manager, they will also be able to tell you when this will be available for you.
Separate tab for contact information.

Now you can see all the contact details for a person on a separate tab called “Contact info”.  This will make it easy to get a complete picture of all the ways this person can be reached.

Managing primary address, email and phone number

You can set the primary contact address for a person, for example if a person wish to have information sent to their home or work address. The primary contact address is highlighted with a star.

The primary contact information is used in reports and when you send e-mails. All automatic e-mails are also sent to the persons primary contact e-mail address.

You can quickly see a persons primary contact information on the overview tab on a persons profile. From here you can easily cut and paste for example the postal address and use it in another document.

Managing contact preferences

If a person wish to not be contacted by post, email or phone you can now stop their contact information from being used and included in reports in Mira. You find this functionality under the headline “Contact preferences” at the bottom of the “Contact info” tab.

International address format support

You will get help formatting postal addresses based on country, for example you will get automatic validation on Nordic postal codes and a list of states for USA addresses.

Visiting address connected to a work address

It is now possible to enter at visiting address connected to a work address. When you download an Excel report with work addresses the visiting address is included in a separate column.

Improved support when entering work addresses

Organization names are now a part of work addresses and Mira will suggest names from existing organizations in Mira.

Undeliverable addresses

Contact addresses and e-mail addresses can be marked as undeliverable if you for example receive email bounces. Addresses marked as undeliverable are not included in reports, for example address labels, and are automatically removed from the recipient list when sending email.

You can enter a note on why you have marked an address as undeliverable.

Improved reports for contact information

We have improved the standard reports on persons and their contact information, you find the reports on the tab “process query” in the query module. The reports are sensitive to primary contact details, undeliverable addresses and contact preferences.

Make queries based on contact information

You can now make advanced queries on persons based on their contact information including undeliverable addresses and contact preferences.

Contact information that can be viewed  in the portal

Contact information that is shown and editable in the portal if the person is a portal user are marked with the label “Portal”.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, Twitter and Skype

There is now a standard for managing contact information for LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Personal blog and Skype. When you have entered information the icon on the left of the field becomes clickable and will take you to the corresponding site, service or profile.


Tracking changes in contact information

You can now see by who and when a persons contact information was last updated.

Contact information in the portal

We have redesigned contact details in a persons portal profile. All contact details are now gathered under a single block.

Birth date, age and national identity number

There is now a new standard in Mira for managing birth date and national identity number.You will also see a persons age displayed if you have entered their birth date.

Multiple contact addresses for a person (add on module *)

With this module you can enter an unlimited number of home addresses, work addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers for a person.

Imported and temporary addresses (add on module*)

This module makes it possible to manage imported addresses from for example a national address registry like SPAR or PAR in Sweden or from student administrative systems like LADOK in Sweden and Oodi in Finland. It also makes it possible to enter a temporary address for a person that overrides an imported address from and until a certain date.


Primary contact details by channel (add on module *)

For systems with several integrated channels this module makes it possible to manage different primary contact details for the different channels. For example one channel uses a persons work address as their primary contact address and another channel uses the persons home address.

* This is an add on module. For more information on how you can get access to this functionality, talk to your project manager.