NE/5 Release #18755 Event Module


We are now in the final stages of finishing the first large release for event management. During the spring we have aimed to get all the adjustments in our client systems integrated to a unified code base.  In a non-technical language that means we took all the great things made for specific systems and made them available to everyone.

In this release we have more than fifteen new features and improvements.  Some are system upgrades that we will distribute to all our systems while the other features are add ons that you can buy. For more information on how you can get access to add on functionality, talk to your project manager.

Events can now show education on the registration page
An administrator can tick a box in the administration interface to toggle the “show education” feature. All participants will have their education information shown on the public registration page if this option is chosen.
Information about education is only shown if it is registered in the data base

Events can now be categorized and filtered (add on module T508)
It is now possible to categorize events. Events are sorted in one of several categories. There can be any number of categories.

It is also possible to filter event on categories. This is useful when managing many events and you want to get a fast overview of events belonging to a certain category.
After the filtering only the events in the chosen category is shown in the overview list.
An administrator can now see who has created the event
The person who created the event is now automatically shown in the overview panel for each event.
An administrator can now mark and remove several persons

An administrator can now remove several persons in a two step process. Go to the “Applications”-tab and mark persons you want to remove. Then use the drop down option “Remove all marked” in the “Select”-dropdown to remove all marked persons. Please note that this will remove the person from having any connection to the event. You might want to change the status of the application to “Cancelled” instead.

An administrator can chose between several pre-made mail templates (add on module T512)
An administrator can chose between several mail templates for the confirmation mail. Every event can use different templates. Mail template is chosen when an administrator creates the registration page.
An administrator can choose between several pre-made design templates for the public registration page (add on module T511)
It is possible to have several design templates for the public registration page to choose from.  When creating the registration page an administrator can switch between pre-made design templates through a drop down menu.

Below are two examples of different design templates for the same event. In the example we are showing one designed template and the basic portal template. There is no restriction for the amount of templates that can be created.  Design templates are created by Mira Network after clients specifications.
An administrator can add persons to an event from queries (add on module T510)
It is possible to add persons to an event from a query. An administrator navigates to the event overview panel and click on the “add applications from a query” to open the query selection menu. After that the administrator can chose which query to add and what status the added persons will have.
It is also possible to start with a query and then add the persons in the query to an event. An administrator search out the query, then goes to “Process query” and then chooses which event to add the persons to and what status the added persons will have.
A person can register to the alumni network when registering for an event (add on module T514)
It is possible to toggle the option for persons registering to an event to also join the alumni network. When creating the registration page an administrator can tick a checkbox to toggle on the feature.
If the option is toggled on a checkbox will be shown at the public registration page. After finishing the event registration by clicking the “Send” button the person will be transferred to the alumni network registration page.
Event participants to attach files when registering for an event (add on module T513)
There is a new field type that can be used when creating the application fields for the event. By choosing the “Attach file” field an administrator enables the possibility for persons who register for the event to attach files.
On the public registration page there will be an option for the person registering to the event to browse and attach files up to 10 MB.
In the application overview persons who have attached files is shown. An administrator can chose to either download the files by clicking directly on the clip symbol or download all attachments as a zip-file.
It is also possible to see what files an applicant has uploaded without downloading them, by viewing the details of one application.
Link to public web page with registrations
Added a link to public web page containing only a list of registered participants
A person registering for an event can also register more persons (add on module T509)
When registering for an event a person can register several other persons as well.  All registered
persons will be shown in the administrative view and can be synchronized with an existing profile. There will go out a separate confirmation mail to the persons added.
Other improvements and changes
  • We have added some explanation texts on the checkboxes  in the create registration page in the administration interface
  • The event module can now be configured not to show any participants on public registration pages at all
  • The button labeled “Send” is re-named to “Save”, when adding and editing event applications from the administration interface.
  • Changed the placement  of one label in the “Create event” overview panel
  • We have had some issues with administrators removing key fields by mistake and have made the fields “First name”, “Last name” and “E-mail” mandatory when creating an event,
  • An administrator has to confirm the removal of fields when working with the application fields
  • An administrator can send out confirmation mails several times
  • A person registered for an event can now unregister