We are going to replace the old ‘User Roles’ with a more flexible system for user rights

Johan JohannessonBlog, CRM

Our systems allow a lot of flexibility when it comes to user rights and user roles and we have over the years tailored accessability for administrators in each system according to client specifications. This has worked very well over the years and has allowed our clients to tailor-make their systems. We are now improving this system by connecting user rights to the modules the administrator have access to. 

Instead of defining user rights on a system-to-system basis we are now employing a system where access to functionality is controlled by giving a user access to the modules they work with in the system (“module based permissions”).

What this means is that you can limit access to e.g. fundraising information by only giving access to the fundraising module to relevant users. Access to fundraising information both on an aggregated level and for persons and organisations is only available for users who have access to the fundraising module. The module based permissions are additive which means that you have a lot of flexibility when setting up user rights for administrators.  The permissions available depend on what modules you subscribe to and will be listed on the tab “User information” in the person profile. 

A list of module based permissions in one Mira System

The new module based permission system allows a lot of flexibility and is easy to use!

We will launch this new feature free of charge for all clients and after launch we will gradually start to phase out the old system with user roles. What this means is you who are using Mira must edit the permissions for all your administrators. If you need help with this, dont hesitate to contact us and we will help you out.

Collaboration category based permissions – hide your sensitive data

Sometimes you need to limit sensitive information to a limited set of users and while the new module based permissions limit access to functionality all activities (contact notes and tasks) are still visible for all users. With our new add-on module collaboration category based permissions you can limit access to contact notes and tasks for your administrators. It works like this:

  • In Mira, persons, organizations, queries, activities, events and other items can be classified by collaboration category.
  • When creating an activity (tast or contact note) you can specify that this activity should only be shown for users with access to at least one of the collaboration categories set for the activity
  • Users with system administration privilege can assign access to collaboration categories.
  • For users that do have access to an activity with restricted visibility, the activity is shown with special markup to show / inform that this activity is not visible for all users.

This is handy if you for exemple only want contact notes for fundraising to be visible only for other fundraisers.

If you want to read more about Module based permissions or Collaboration category based permissions, check out these handy FAQs:

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