Recent updates to Mira – June 7th

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Thank you for using Mira and providing feedback! We continuously update and improve the functionality in Mira based on feedback and requests from our clients.

Major developments and new features will get their own posts and maybe a video, but below you will find a selection of smaller updates we have made recently:

[ FUNDRAISING ] Option to disable automatic Thank you emails for online donations (#40815)

[ ALUMNI RELATIONS ] We have a (somewhat) nicer page for settings for My Alumni Page. Administrators can now be notified by email when there are new registrations from My Alumni Page that needs to be processed manually. It is also possible  to add an information text in the My Alumni Page registration form, e.g. to ask alumni not to use their student email address. (#41017, #41009)
My Alumni Page Settings

[ CRM ] The “Detailed person list” report now includes birthdate. We can also configure a system whether reports shall include personal number or not. (#41325)
Detailed person list
Contact information Date of birth

[ COMMERCIAL EDUCATION ] We now have a standard report for Recognized revenue per month, that gives an excel report of revenue for each course term recognized per month by delivered course days. (#41170)

[ COMMERCIAL EDUCATION ] We now have a standard report for Sales per month that gives an Excel report with amount sold recognized per sales date.

[ COMMERCIAL EDUCATION ] Framework agreements are now managed in the new user interface. (#41356)

[ CRM ] Report over contact activity (#41172)

[ SYSTEM ] We have optimized person lists for our portal systems with more than 300.000 persons. (#41311)

[ SYSTEM ] Improved performance in early mornings. We use “continuous integration and deployment” which means that we release new functionality and minor adjustments every night.  We have now automated the process of warming up the systems every morning which should improve performance for our users