Release #35073 Improvements to Major Gift Opportunities and more logical order of menu options for Fundraising

Magnus BrattBlog

1) When creating a Major Gift Opportunity, you are now required to select a potential donor (person or organization). Once a Major Gift Opportunity is created, you cannot edit the connected donor. (#34367)

2) It is now also possible to delete a major gift opportunity. Before you could just inactivate a major gift opportunity. Inactivated major gift opportunities are shown in lists, but with strike-through. (#35072)


When should I delete and when should I inactivate a major gift opportunity?

Why can I have multiple donors for a gift, but only one potential donor for a major gift opportunity?

I want to register a potential donation (major gift opportunity) from a donor that I want to keep confidential. What is your recommendation here?


3) We have also rearranged the menu alternatives in the left menu to be more logical. (#35068)

The new order is (depending on what fundraising features are enabled):

  1. Campaign Overview (requires “Gifts and campaigns”)
  2. Payments (requires “Gifts and campaigns”)
  3. Activity plan (requires “Stewardship”)
  4. List unmanaged donations (requires “Online donations”)
  5. List managed donations (requires “Online donations”)
  6. Edit donation form (requires “Online donations”)
  7. Manage recurring gifts (requires “Recurring gifts”)
  8. Log of recurring gifts (requires “Recurring gifts”)

The previous order was

  1. Edit donation form
  2. List unmanaged donations
  3. List managed donations
  4. Log of recurring gifts
  5. Manage recurring gifts
  6. Campaign Overview
  7. Payments
  8. Activity plan