Keeping Data Real

MiraAlumni Relations, CASE 2012, External Relations

My last CASE seminar turned out to be one of the most interesting.  How can we who work with alumni relations use our databases more efficient and get deeper insight in our alumni? John Hill from LinkedIn showed us how LinkedIn are providing really powerful tools to find alumni around the world and help segmenting them for easier communication. By using several sources of social media you can optimize your searches and find just the right target group.

Kate Beer from Cardiff University then showed us how they work to keep their database clean and up to date. If we are going to have meaningful relations with our alumni it is very important that the data is correct. She gave a few examples of what can happen if data management fails, which included sending out perky postcards with the message “WE MISS YOU”  to deceased alumni.

Written by Johan Johannesson, Mira Network