A study trip to the University of Copenhagen


 The University of Copenhagen started their alumni activity around 2007 and we got the opportunity to visit the University of Copenhagen to learn more about how the work have progressed.

[image type=”circle” src=”https://www.mira.se/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/DSC00043-500×375.jpg” alt=”Text”]

We got a warm welcome from Tania, who has been the one building everything from the start and her two new colleagues Signe and Trine. It was a very interesting day and we all learned a lot. The University’s alumni association is called Kubulus and after hearing their presentation it’s hard to believe they’ve only been active close to two years. There is a very professional structure and plan for the activity and Tania and her colleagues have already carried out several successful events.

[image type=”circle” src=”https://www.mira.se/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/DSC00028-500×375.jpg” alt=”Text”]

They also have brave plans and are testing how to use Facebook in a creative way. Their next event will almost only be market through their Facebook group to see how successful it is compare to other ways of marketing events. We are several who are curious to learn how it went!

Tank you for a fun and interesting visit!