Person profile in modern design

Magnus BrattCRM, ERM

We are now rolling out a new version of the person profile. This version is based on our newest design ideas and our goal is to highlight contact notes and activities much more than the previous version.

One of our design goals has been to reduce the number of tabs and instead have all important information visible on the first tab. This will reduce the number of tabs and instead integrate that information in the activity timeline or the left side “box profile”. Another design goal has been to make the page useful on mobile.

We will continue to improve the functionality over the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out for out for new features that will be added. A few of our clients have been using this new version for a couple of months and we have received lot of great feedback from them. Thanks a lot!

If you have any further feedback or ideas, please let us know by email to or by chat!

Currently most tabs are linked to pages in the old design. This is intended and we will move information and functionality in these pages to the new design over time.

A quick guide:

(A) Click here to edit information in this section

(B) Here you will find actions such as send e-mail, flag, mark as deceased and delete.

(C) Click here to add a new activity

(D) Filter activities based on type and collaboration category.

Person profile modern design

Person profile modern design