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Hanken strengthens collaboration through an integrated alumni and fundraising organization

Before Hanken started working with Mira they had several needs within alumni and fundraising. Today the university uses a solution that supports several needs. The alumni and fundraising work is integrated, which supports collaboration projects and makes the work with external relations more efficiently.

Many challenges over the organization

UtskriftHanken needed a solution to improve the efficiency within in the organization and to keep track of the work with the External Relations. The university also saw the problem withinformation and tasks that were dependent on specific individuals. Camilla Wardi works as Fundraising Manager at Hanken and has, among many other things,been involved in building Hanken’s fundraising campaign structure.

– The need to map out our alumni was huge. Within fundraising, we lacked the support to register donations of alumni and to follow up on donor relations and stewardship. Also, we identified the consequences with work that were dependent on specific individuals. Today we have a good solution for this. The system eliminates a structure where information about our external relations is placed on an individual’s desktop. And new employees can easily be introduced into their work since everything is logged, says Camilla Wardi.

Support for Pledge and Online Donations supports the university as well as the donors

Within fundraising it is important to offer donors the possibility to divide their gift over time; a pledge. Camilla and her colleagues manages Pledge structured with help from the system.

– A system that supports Pledge is extremely important to ensure that Hanken is perceived as and works consistently. For example in our external communication. But it does not only simplify our work, donors appreciate the offer to divide their gift over time, says Camilla.

Private donations are more often being received as online donations. Via Hanken’s website it is possible to donate online and the gift is automatically synchronized to a person in the system.

– Online Donations is a good offer to donors and helps us to save time since they are time consuming to register manually. We also ensure that we have correct information about the person, says Camilla.

Support for fundraising and alumni in the same system; a success factor

Hanken ReturnsThe fundraising campaign HANKEN RETURNS was launched in 2014 and reaches to the middle of 2017. One goal is that 10% of the alumni are going to donate. Alumni relations is an important ingredient in the fundraising work.

– Our Fundraising department is actively working in close contact with our alumni. One of our goals is that no one – after the campaign – is to say; we did not know HANKEN RETURNS.We are extremely grateful that we have information and support for fundraising and alumni in the same system. Our alumni are essential entrances to companies and foundations as well as private individuals, says Camilla.

Lastly, Camila says that it is a success factor to have one system for multiple relationships. Sharing data and at the same time be able to restrict the availability of sensitive information – and thus manage the university’s trust and relationship with alumni and donors professionally. An important support to Hanken’s work with collaboration with the surrounding community.

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