Creative ways to use your Alumni data!

MiraAarhus University, Alumni Relations, Jacob Jensen

Team leader Jacob Jensen at Aarhus University have been kind enough to share some great ways to use your alumni data to create value and awareness for the university, students and alumnus! 

The Competence & Job Catalogue aims to inspire and guide current students in their job search. The data is collected trough GERDA (the alumni management system) and via a survey sent out to the alumnus.)

“The catalogue shows patterns on job positions, work places and job tasks for each study line at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences”

This is a great way to market what you do and the value of the data that can be used in so many ways! We highly recommend a visit to the online-version of the The Competence & Job Catalogue to find more inspiration on what’s possible!

Go to the online Catalogue

The Catalogue can also be used to market your activities to students

In the cataloge you also can find QR codes to pre-done searches in GERDA (the Alumni Portal) relevant to the information on the page.

Other possibilities is to choose a creative way to present your annual report – and Jacob and his team try to find new ways every year – and for 2012 they are showing their results as a poster!

This one can now be view IRL in Miras office so be sure to walk by on your next visit.

Are you, your team or anyone else you know doing something with their data that you think other should know about! Let us know by either tell your contact person at Mira or e-mail to Jane Murray or Mira Live.