A solution for student recruitment of International Master Students


With the new rules for non European applicants and long application times in Sweden, new challenges has surfaced. We have helped Uppsala University to implement a support system for managing recruitment and application processes of International Master Students.

The solution will help Uppsala University with their contact and dialogue with prospective master students who have showed an interest for one or several master programs on the web. This new support system is a further development of the solution Mira has implemented for student recruitment and commissioned education.

Through the system Uppsala University can send our program information, reminders of deadlines etc both to keep the prospective student interested and to support them in the application process. A integration with VHS (The Swedish Agency for Higher Education Services) also makes it possible to see who have applied, for what kind of fee they have to pay, if the application is being processed etc.

This information also makes it possible to communicate and support the different applicants in every step. The whole system will make it much easier for the university to follow up. For instance how many of the prospect students who showed interest on the web actually applied later compared to maybe other recruitment and information investments that has been done.

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