Creating activity in alumni networks!

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Our first speaker this year at Miras fall conference was Peter Schwarz from the University of Stavanger. Peter is alumni coordinator and works at the department of communication and strategy. The alumni organization was established in 2008 and the organization has grown strong since then.

Peter shared with us how he has been working in order to recruit alumnus to the network and his strategies to encourage them to use the system. One of the participants’ expressed:

“Peter Schwarz’s experiences was inspiring. He showed that ideas and commitment can get you far, even though your resources are limited.”

Peter summarized his presentation by giving us six useful and worth considering words:

  • Create awareness – be visible!
  • Go fish were the fish are!
  • Establish good routines for invitations.
  • Celebrate milestones.
  • Don’t forget to update continuously.
  • Create expectations and keep them!
After the conference we asked Peter to express three things he brings with him as experience from our conference:
  • The perceptivity of having a solid database
  • Inspiration to continue work and develop the career service and fundraising
  • Geat ideas how to develop and improve their existing offer to the alumnus

We are glad that Peter wanted to join and contribute to the conference this autumn!

Contact me at if you want Peter’s PowerPoint slides