Örebro University has nominated Maliun Ali Hussein to the alumni of the year 2010!

MiraAlumni Relations

Maliun Ali Hussein is an inspiration for young students. She has shown, by her choice of education and her dedication, that studies are worthwhile. Maliun Ali Hussain is the first alumni from Örebro University to achieve the award.

The purpose of the award is to spread successful stories about former students and their career after graduation. The award is also supposed to encourage increased collaboration between the university, present students and society.

For further information visite Örebro University’s webbpage, http://www.oru.se/ or read the articles about Maliun in Ny Teknik and Byggvärlden . There will also be an interview with Maliun Ali Hussein the 5th of february on national Swedish radio.

Mira wishes congrats to Maliun Ali Hussein for the award!