What can popular culture teach us about being better networkers?

MiraAlumni Relations, Conferences

Speaker: Nathalie Walker, Head of Alumni Relations, Said Business School/University of Oxford

According to Nathalie – a lot! During Nathalies session we got some really god pointers on the “Does and Don’ts” when it comes to networking. Bridget Jones showed us the challenges with introducing other people and James Bond showed the importance of repetition. Samantha Jones from “Sex and the city” is a good example on how to carry your self in a confident way, set up a plan for you conversation and keeping the control of it. “But you might want to “sex it down” a bit when used in the work place”, Natalie jokes.

She also introduced her audience to the concept of Netweaving instead of Networking. This means to keep a focus on what you can do for the people you meet. Work to get people connected to each other. If your focus is to help other get in touch finally somebody will help you. In the same time you will build a wide network.

When preparing an event select a carefully balanced audience rather than a huge amount of random people. Ask yourself if you/your team know why your guests have been invited? Do the guests know why they have been invited?

Nathalie ends her session with recommending the book “The Tipping Point” by Malmcolm Gladwell for everyone who wants to learn more about creating successful networking events.