List of gifts with metrics and filer

Magnus BrattFundraising Management, Reports and data

This list lists all registered gifts. Above the list of gifts are four metrics.

The metrics are linked to the filter for the list of gifts. That means that you can filter for a specific campaign and see the metrics for that campaign. You can use filters to quickly answer questions like

  • What is the total amount donated to the need “Chair in Mathematics” last year?
  • How many separate donors did we have in the campaign “The World’s Best University” last year?
  • Do we have any gifts with overdue pledges?
  • What gifts have we received from a specific individual this year?

List of gifts

You can use the free text filter to filter for needs, funds or approaches or the name of a specific donor. (Note: you cannot filter for a specific column. So if you filter for “nelson” you will get both all gifts to the need “Nelson Auditorium” and gifts by donors matching the name “Nelson”.)

You can also filter by gift date.

Sum of gifts is the sum of the gift amount of the gifts matching the current filter, regardless of whether the gift is fully paid or not (a pledge).

Number of gifts is the number of gifts matching the current filter. A gift with two (or more) donors is still counted as a single gift.

Number of donors is the number of donors for the gifts matching the current filter.

Outstanding amount is the sum of payments not marked as paid for the gifts matching the filter, regardless of wheater the payment is overdue or not.