Aarhus University uses Mira’s LinkedIn Integration as a multiple solution for multiple problems

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Aarhus University is the first university in the Nordic Region to integrate their CRM Solution with LinkedIn. After the implementation of Mira’s LinkedIn Integration 1600 members have connected their profile to LinkedIn. The university’s goal is that 50% of the members are going to use the integration – and they are already close.

First University in the Nordic Region to integrate with LinkedIn

Aarhus University is one of the biggest universities in the Nordic Region. External Relations is extremely important and the alumni organization has to build good relations to the university’s alumni. One parameter that is extremely important, is to contain information about the alumni’s career. The University’s CRM Solution contains Mira ERM BASE and Mira Alumni Relations. And recently they were the first university in collaboration with Mira Network to integrate their CRM Solution with LinkedIn. Jacob Jensen at Aarhus University was the initiator and internal Project Manager.

– Before we maintained Mira’s LinkedIn Integration, we had actually been pushing for it for a long time. We knew that we could get more and better data to our CRM system from LinkedIn. The CRM that we use is a really important tool to manage the university’s external relations, says Jacob Jensen, Team Leader at Aarhus University.

A multiple Solution for multiple problems

– A big challenge for alumni organizations is that top of mind for alumni is not to update their information in the alumni portal. They do not remember to change their information every time they get a new job. We recently reached 20 000 members, a huge milestone! Mira’s LinkedIn Integration ensures us that the job information is correct. Logging in to the portal is easier, the alumni do not need to update their job information in more than one place when they connect their profile to LinkedIn. The job history is also very interesting. We can see were the alumni have ben working and use that information. Profile pictures also make a huge improvement; it gives more life to our portal and it is much more comfortable to contact someone who has a profile picture. Mira’s LinkedIn Integration is a multiple solution for multiple problems, says Jacob Jensen, Team Leader at Aarhus University.

The first campaign was a success

Before the official launch of the integration, Jacob and his team sent out a test to 1000 alumni who were the first to use the integration. 300 people signed up, the university The first campaignpractically got no negative feedback, and the users said that this was a good idea. This made Jacob feel comfortable to proceed with a bigger campaign.

– We did a major campaign to all of our members, and over two weeks, 1600 persons connected their profile to LinkedIn. A goal for us is that 50% of our members use the LinkedIn Integration. Before the end of the half-year of using it, we will be close to that number. We are planning more campaigns, and we always promote the integration when we send out information to new members, says Jacob Jensen, Team Leader at Aarhus University.

Aarhus University’s goal is to always have updated information about all their members. Mira’s LinkedIn Integration simplifies this, and in the future the university will have extremely good quality about the alumni’s job information. Jacob tells us that the integration is beneficial to all of those who work with the alumni information, and that it provides a lot of value. He also says that it has ben well received from the university’s alumni – and that he definitely would recommend it to other organizations.