Aalto University uses an integrated CRM Solution that supports all of the University’s External Relations

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Aalto University is a multidisciplinary science and art community in the fields of science, economics, and art and design. The university’s Mira Solution is an integrated CRM Solution, one system for all relations and departments. And Mira’s Oodi Integration together with other activities provides them with excellent data quality. One system for all relations and departments

Jenni Kuusivuori works as a Coordinator at Aalto University’s Alumni and Corporate Relations, and is responsible for the Mira Solution and the data quality. The university has an integrated CRM Solution: one system for all relations, and Jenni is the primarily responsible person. She educates all of the other departments, and when they are experiencing problems or have new ideas, she is the one who collects and prioritize them.

– I am responsible for educating all of the other departments who work with Mira. Such as Career Services, International Resources, and Fundraising Management. It is a good solution for all of these relations and departments, which is very valuable to us. We are always doing a lot of activities, and among other things we are analyzing what the alumni are interested in and measuring if they are ordering our magazine and alumni newsletter. All of these parameters are very important information to us, and our Mira Solution helps us to keep track of all the information connected to the relations, says Jenni Kuusivuori, Aalto University.

Mira’s Oodi Integration and excellent Data Quality

Aalto University uses Mira’s Oodi Integration that provides them with up-to-date contact and education information.

– Our Oodi Integration with Mira is a big part of our solution. Thanks to the Oodi Integration we are able to focus on other things. Data quality is something that is extremely important and we are getting updated data via Oodi and Posti that has trustability with 99%. Since our Mira Solution provides us with information about those who do not have a correct e-mail address, we also did a campaign targeted to alumni who did not have an email address in our database or where the email was not in use. Beforehand we knew that it is the hardest segment to reach. We sent out letter to 9000 of our alumni, and reminded them to update their e-mail addresses. 2000 responded, which is a good result, says Jenni Kuusivuori, Aalto University.

Jenni also says that it is very valuable and important to be able to have a personal connection with the university’s alumni.

– We have big database with the right tools, which makes it possible for us to know a lot about our alumni. Our Mira Solution really helps us to catch and keep track of our relations.

Aalto University’s Mira Solution consists of Mira ERM BASEMira Alumni RelationsMira Career ServicesMira Fundraising Management, and Mira Event Management – one system for all relations with access to the same database. And for the future, Jenni and her colleagues are thinking about fundraising campaigns and even better data quality regarding job information.