The Annual CASE Conference in Manchester 2011

MiraCASE, External Relations

This years conference are hosting over 1 000 delegates and everyone here agrees to that CASE has done a great job with organizing this huge event. Also more than 30 country’s are

represented, and the good news are that Nordic countries are growing in representation.

From Sweden there are 58 delegates, Finland 14, Denmark 10 and Norway 13. The increased presence of the Nordic region of Europe is also noticeable in the program where we have several speakers contribution with there knowledge:

Leona Axelsson, Örebro University, Sweden

Corey Morris, Aarhus University, Denmark

Henrik Pompeius, Stockholm University, Sweden


Gunilla Bergstrand, Linköping University, Sweden has also been collaborating with the CASE

organization and amongst many things put together the pre-conference part.

Everyone has done a great job with their sessions and today Magnus Bratt and John Kelly will give their session about “Integrating external relations” which will be a great wrap up for the Nordic contribution this year!