FAQ: Why can’t I copy and paste with formatting into an email?

This is to make sure that your email will only contain formatting that will work as intended on all major email clients.

Unlike today’s web browsers, email clients differ greatly in what formatting they support. An email that looks great in Gmail on desktop might look garbled in Outlook or on Apple mail on iOS devices.

To make sure emails look good for all recipients, we limit the type of formatting you can use in your email. Bullet lists are widely supported, but automatically numbered lists are not. Hence, if you want a numbered list in your email, you need to type the numbers manually.

When copying and pasting content that contains text with formatting, tables and/or images, there is a high risk that hidden formatting sneaks in. The email will look good in Mira, but we cannot guarantee that it looks as intended for the recipients in different email clients.

Feel free to copy and paste content from other sources. When you copy and paste into the email editor, your text will be pasted as plain text. You then need to reapply the formatting and recreate any links.

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