What happens when I mark a person as deceased in Mira?

When you mark a person as deceased, that person will be flagged as deceased. She will no longer be included in queries, unless you specifically opt to include deceased.

We will set contact preferences to do not want email, mail, phone, and SMS with the comment that the person is marked as deceased, and we will unsubscribe the person from any newsletters.

We will clear any postal addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and alternative contact information, and clear the field Shares address with (“sambo”).

Finally, if the person had a users (access to log in to the system), that user will be deleted.

N.B. after a person has been marked as deceased, it is not possible to undo. If you need to restore a person marked as deceased, contact Mira and we will help you.

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FAQ: Why shouldn’t I delete persons that are deceased?

If you delete a person, you run the risk of that person being re-created manually or re-imported from another system. If you delete a person you also loose history such as how many attendants did a certain event or course have, etc. You should therefore not delete deceased persons, but instead mark them as deceased.

FAQ: When I mark a person as deceased, why is contact information such as address, phone number, etc. deleted? The family might still live there.

Contact information is deleted to minimize the risk of contacting deceased persons. If you still need to retain the contact information for the family or the estate (sv. dödsbo), you can either create a separate profile for them if you expect to keep a separate, ongoing relationship with them, or enter that information back into the profile of the deceased. You can use the normal fields for contact information if you intend to use them for communication or use the field Internal notes if it is for information only.

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