Should I delete deceased persons from the system?

When you select to mark a person as deceased, their profile will be marked as deceased, their contact preferences will be set as Do not contact… for all types of communication and their contact information will be erased.

However, their profile is not deleted and it is still available in the system.

Marking a person as deceased affects metrics such as “Number of living alumni” and “Contactable persons”, but does not affect statistics such as number of alumni registrations, number of event participants, or number of email recipients. 

Keeping profiles for deceased persons, also helps avoiding that the person is added again by another user or through integration with other systems.

From a GDPR perspective you do not need to erase personal information about deceased persons since the regulation is only applicable for living persons. 

Therefore the general advice is not to delete profiles for deceased persons. See also What happens when I delete a profile, mark a person as deceased, or erase personal data for a person?

To mark a single person as deceased, in the person profile, click the Actions button and select Mark as deceased. To automatically mark persons as deceased we can integrate with official population registers and/or students registration systems.

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