Managing SSL-certificates

SSL-certificates are used to encrypt data from the end-users browser and the web server. That makes it difficult to eavesdrop on what a user does and secures data integrity. Certificates are valid during a certain time period.

When a certificate is no longer valid the user will receive a security warning in their browser when accessing a site that has an SSL-certificate installed.

SSL-Certificate expired

What to do when the certificate has expired?

You can either let Mira take care of the certificate. In order to do so you have to be on a mira-owned domain, e.g universityname.mira.se. If we have control over the domain we automatically handle all issues with certificates without hassle.

OR you could do it yourself with the help of Mira. Here is how to do it:

  1. Mira contacts you to get the mailadress from where the certificate should be validated. Only the e-mail addresses below are possible to use:
  2. Mira contacts the issuer of SSL-certificates
  3. You receive an email that looks like this
    SSL-Certificate confirmation email
  4. Click on the link in the mail
  5. Let Mira know that the certificate has been approved
  6. The new certificate will be installed

Known problems when verifiying a new certificate
Problem: The mail with the link to verify the certificate is not delivered.
Possible solution: Please check the spam filter and make sure that the mail adress is valid

Problem: Incorrect mailaddress
Description: Your domain must be the exact domain of the domain the certificate should be valid for. E.g., it is not possible to validate a certificate for the domain myorganization.com from the e-mail address admin@myorganization.se.
Possible solution: Look for the email in the correct mailbox or change the email address to where the confirmation mail is sent.


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