Can we use our own SSL certificate?

For most clients we manage the certificate for SSL-encryption. Mira will then monitor expiration dates and initiate renewals. For certificates for client domains, a client person responsible for the domain still needs to validate a new certificate, but Mira will manage all other aspects of a renewal. This is included in the fee for the SSL-encryption.

For custom certificates you as a client need to monitor expiration dates and initiate the renewal. Then the basic steps for a renewal are as follows:

  1. You need to provide us with an authorized contact person who can issue a SSL-certificate from a CSR-file.
  2. Mira will get a CSR-file from our hosting provider and send to client contact person
  3. The client contact person will create the certificate with the CSR-file and send the certificate to Mira.
  4. Mira will send the certificate to our hosting provider and they will install the certificate.

We charge costs from hosting provider and the time required by the hour in addition to the fee for the SSL-encryption.

See also Managing SSL-certificates.

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