I have two duplicate profiles for the same person, how can I merge them into one?

To merge duplicate profiles you can merge them manually, use our Duplicate Management Module or, if you have many profiles that need to be merged, contact us and we can give you an estimate for a data cleaning project.

To merge duplicate profiles manually, follow these steps

  1. First search for the person who has duplicate profiles, e.g. “Miranda Nelson”.
  2. In the result list, open each profile in a new tab. Either right click the name and select “open in new tab”, or CTRL-click the name (for Mac, use command-click). When you have the two profiles in separate tabs, you can quickly switch tab by clicking CTRL-tab.
  3. Go through the tabs on the person profile one by one and update / complete one profile with information from the other.
  4. When you are done, delete the profile that will no longer be used.


If you have many profiles to merge or a lot of information on the profiles, we offer a duplicate management module. With the duplicate management module, you can find and merge duplicate persons and organizations, and you will get assistance in selecting what information to keep. The duplicate management module automatically merge related information such as membership in static queries, event applications, etc. Contact your account manager for more information and pricing.

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