How to send an e-mail campaign and manage bounces and auto-replies

Are you feeling unsure how to send an e-mail campaign? Follow these 8 steps and your e-mail will soon be on its way.

1. Create a query with the intended recipients.
You can use a saved query or make a new query and supply criteria, e.g. all alumni in the Stockholm area who attended the last career event (persons with person category ”alumni” who have a postal code between 10000 and 19999, AND attended the career event)

2. From Process query, select “Send e-mail”.

3. Select a template and compose your e-mail.
Eg invitation to an event. (Use a link to the event application page from an event that you have set up). To insert dynamic fields (such as ###firstname###) use the Dynamic fields menu.

4. Preview and send the e-mail.

5. Verify how many of the recipients actually received the e-mail
In the left navigation, go to E-mail -> Sent email. The average open rate for unsegmented e-mail campaigns are about 25% (Apsis). According to MailChimp’s statistics for the industry ”Education and training”, the open rate is 36.1% and click rate 3.4%. For Mira clients, the open-rate varies between 30% and 40%, and the click-rate normally varies between 5% – 10%.


6. View contact notes for individual recipients.
Eg. was “Miranda Nelson” part of the e-mail campaign? Was the e-mail delivered? Has she clicked on any of the links in the e-mail? You can find this information via the Activities on Miranda Nelson’s profile.

7. Process bounces and auto replies.
For large camping there are inevitably e-mail addresses that will bounce. (For Mira clients, the hard bouce rate is usually between 0,5% and 2,5%.) The Mira system automatically process bounced e-mails and, if it is a type of bounce that indicated that the mailbox no longer exist, the e-mail address is marked as undeliverable. For auto replies, and other bounces the system cannot know for certain that the address is really undeliverable, you can review the auto reply and manually decide weather to mark the e-mail address as undeliverable. Go to Email > Bounced email to view bouces.

8. Then, make sure to get updated contact information.
You can review the persons with e-mail addresses marked as undeliverable and set their alternative e-mail address to primary, if they have one. Or, if you have do a postal mailing to the people with e-mail addresses that are undeliverable.


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