How does quick search work?

An important feature of Mira’s administration interface is the ability to quickly find people and organizations. We have now improved our quick search functionality to better find people and organizations and at the same time improving the technical performance of our systems.

The quick search are using the following parameters to find and rank individuals and organizations (database name in parenthesis) :


– Name (First Name)

– Surname (Last Name)

– The identification number of the system (PersonId )

– E-mail address (Email)


– Name of the organization (OrganizationName)

– Legal name (OrganiztionLegalName )

Based on these criteria the system makes an overall ranking of results and lists the top ten in both the Person and Organization categories. The search is done dynamically while the administrator types and the result is displayed in a drop-down menu below the search box.

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The user can select a result directly in the drop down by clicking on it, or use the arrow keys to scroll up or down in the list, and then select the person or organization.

The new quick search function is much faster than our previous and group together results in a more logical and user-friendly way.  One thing to consider when it comes to quick searching is that it is primarily designed to help a user who knows what he/she is looking for to quickly find the right person or organization. It only shows the top ten results, not all possible matches

If a user needs to do a full search and find all possible matches we recommend searching in the “Person” and “Organization” lists.

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To navigate to the “Person” list, click on “Persons” in the left menu and then “Show all persons”. To navigate to the “Organization” list, click on “Organizations” in the left menu and then “Show all organizations”

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