How do I set up an event to manage both online payments and payment by invoice?

If you want to accept both online payments (such as credit cards) and payment by invoices, do like this:

  1. Set upp the event as a paid event with the event cost as 0.
  2. Add an radio button application field “Payment” with two options, one “Online” with the fee, and one “Invoice (EUR 550)”. Note that the event fee for payment by invoice is included in the title of the option. Make the field required.
  3. Also add a large text field for invoice address, but make sure the field is not required.

When registering, the participant will get the following options

After a successful online payment, the registration will automatically be marked as paid.

To send out invoices, you can work like this:

  1. First select all applicants that have not paid, by clicking the filter icon, then selecting Paid No.
  2. Then select all visible applicants, and download them to Excel.
  3. When you receive payment, select the participant, and from the Action button, Change the payment status to Yes.

There is no build in support for invoice reminders.

Another way to support payment by online and by credit card is to let the payment processor support multiple ways. Paytrail and DIBS are examples of payment processors that support payment by invoice in addition to online payments. See

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