Release notes



  • We have now developed online donation forms in a new, dynamic design. These forms give the user greater flexibility to design their own forms [FR]
  • It is now possible to see registration date on all alumni. The registration dates are visible on the person profile overview and are included in person reports [AR]
  • Alumni registration date is now visible on the person profile and in the report Detailed person list [AR]
  • Education information is now visible directly on the person profile [CRM]
  • We have done a few updates for the alumni map to improve accuracy [AR]
  • We have re-done how queries for educations work. It is now possible to do queries on Degree Orientation given that we import that information [AR]
  • Standard reports are re-worked and now include Degree orientation. We have also done some minor restructuring of the reports [AR]
  • It is now possible to choose to either auto-approve all career adds or manually approve each add [CS]


  • It is now possible to sort events by collaboration category. (#44799) [ EV ]



  • We have improved performance in some areas, e.g. listing of gifts in the Fundraising module, and when requesting a new password for internal users. [ FR ] [ CRM ]
  • Before, education information was not mandatory when registering in My Alumni Page, resulting in some alumni registering without education information. For systems without integration with student administrative system, it is now mandatory to enter education information when registering with My Alumni Page. For systems with integration with student administrative system, education information is of course populated automatically. [ AR ]


  • Editing email content templates (#44323)
  • The person profile timeline now includes activities for when the person provided consent to the processing of personal data. Consent can be provided by event registrations, My Alumni Page and other external forms.(#44259)


  • Support for deleting saved drafts for email campaigns 
  • Support for including personal direct login links to My Alumni Page in emails


  • Person profile in modern design
  • List and process alumni registrations in modern design
  • More robust support for multiple custom domains
  • Module based permissions
  • Collaboration category based permissions for contact notes
  • Collaboration category based permissions for saved queries
  • Improvement to the reserve list for event management


  • List saved queries in modern design
  • Data retention rules and erasure of personal data
  • SMS Communications


  • Improved add organization process, with support for importing data from Brunnösundsregistret.
  • Dynamic tags – display any saved query as a tag in person profiles
  • Alumni Map


  • Reuse previous email campaigns [ Email communications ]


  • Improved module for email communications
    • Responsive templates that look great on any device
    • Easily insert call-to action buttons, two-column sections, 
    • User friendly dynamic fields for email merge
    • Filter recipients on whether they open and/or click in your email to send relevant follow up emails.
  • Startpage in modern design

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