How do I query for all potential donors in a given step?


To query for persons and/or organization that are potential donors you

  1. Go to the campaign, and then the tab Major Gift Opportunities.
  2. Using the filter, select the step you are interested in. You can add other criteria to the filter, such as target amount, manager and needs, funds, or approaches.
  3. Use the link Make person query get a query for all the persons connected to one or more of the major gift opportunities matching the filter. (Or Make organization query for Organizations)

Note: the filtered list is a list of Major Gift Opportunities. Each Major Gift Opportunity can be connected to one or more persons and or organizations. That means that if your filtered list shows ten rows, that does not mean that you necessarily will get ten persons or ten organizations in the query.

To make more advanced queries, download the list of major gift opportunities to Excel, and then use Excel to filter the major gift opportunities you are interested in.

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