Feature: Dynamic tags

Sometimes you want to categorize persons based on a rule, instead of explicitly assigning a tag to a person. A few examples would be Donor (a person that has made at least one donation), Major donor (a person that has made donations totaling at least 10 000 EUR) or Active alumni (a person categorized as “alumni” that has participated in an event or updated her information in My Alumni Page in the last 12 months).

You can, with dynamic tags.

Dynamic tags

Dynamic tags

To create a dynamic tag, first create a saved query. It can be static or dynamic. On the tab “Save as”, check the checkbox “Show as dynamic tag”.

Now, all persons matching the query’s criteria, the query name will be shown as a dynamic tag.

Show a saved query as a dynamic tag

Show a saved query as a dynamic tag

To remove a dynamic tag from a person, make sure that person no longer match the criteria of the query behind the dynamic tag.

The same functionality is also available for organizations.

Note: If you create dynamic tags for large (over 5000 persons) or complex queries, it can make loading the person profile page a bit slow.

Available for: all users of the current version of Mira that have the modern user interface enabled for person profile.

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