How do I make a note on a person?

In Mira, there are three ways to make a note on a person: add an internal note, log an activity, and flagging a person.

An internal note is shown in the profile for a person and is not connected to a specific date, responsible, etc. An example could be “Currently on parental leave”. To add an internal note, click Edit in the details box in the person profile.
Add internal note
An activity is a note that has an activity date, a responsible person, a contact type (meeting, phone call, email, etc). An example could be “Met Miranda over lunch and discussed her ideas for collaboration regarding innovation”. An activity can be connected to a collaboration category. To log an activity for a person, in the person profile, tab “Activity”, click on [ + ].
Log activity
A flag on a person is like an internal note, but is shown more prominent. For flagged persons, most lists in the system also shows a flag in a column. An example could be “Before contacting Miranda, check with Richard”, perhaps because the internal user Richard currently is in sensitive discussions with Miranda. To flag a person, in the person profile, click the Actions button, and select Flag.
Flag a person
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