Since a while back, ”Martin” has his address marked as undeliverable. Despite this, he recently received a mailing of our magazine and e-mail sent from the system. Why does this happen? Does not the system exclude addresses that are marked as undeliverable addresses?

If the address is excluded or not, depends on what list you choose to download. Here’s how it works:

  • The person lists, for exemple the list in ”Persons” (swedish: ”Personer”) do not take into consideration whether the person has an undeliverable address or marked that it does not want to receive e-mails or postal mailings. If you export the persons on that list you will get all the contact information, even the information that is marked as undeliverable. So if you for exemple export a list of persons and then use that information to create address labels through for exemple excel you risk getting undeliverable addresses
  • However, if you use the Mira system create your address labels all undeliverable addresses will be excluded
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