Can I change the order of the columns?

Yes you can.┬áThe first time you visit a list in RM you will get Mira’s default setup of that list.

By clicking and dragging the column header you can position the column where you want it in the list. Please note that this will not affect the order of the columns in the show/hide menu.

Changing the column order in a list will be saved in your Mira user account, so the next time you visit the same list your desired column ordering will still be there. Some lists share this saved state, such as the “Show all persons” list and the list showing persons in a query. Change the column order in one of these lists and it will be changed in the other one too. When Mira deploys a new standard of the list, for example a new available column, this saved state will be lost. This is due to technical reasons and you will have to arrange your column ordering again.

Positioning the Primary e-mail column to the right of Last name by drag-and-drop.

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