How can I filter what data is displayed in the list?

If the list has a search box at the top left you can filter the data in the list by free text search.

The free text search searches on the beginning of words. For example, to find a person named “Andersson” you can not type “ders” in the search box, but you can type “and”. This limitation makes it possible to offer a very quick and responsive search experience. As you type the search will be executed immediately. You can also press enter on your keyboard or click the search button to trigger the search.

Each word you input in the search box will be treated separately when searching. For example, searching for “anders volvo” will give you hits where the row has at least one column with “anders” and another or the same column with “volvo”. This means that the exact phrase “anders volvo” does not need to be found to get hits.

The free text search is case insensitive, it doesn’t matter if you search for “anders” or “Anders”.

To search for dates in a list you can type the date exactly as it is displayed. If the row contains a column with the value “30/03/2014”, you can also search for “03/2014” (all rows for March 2014), “/2014” and “2014” (filter by year). You will NOT get hits if you type “/03/2014” or “3/2014”. Please note that if a list contains multiple date columns you will get hits in all columns, the free text search can not be used to search in a specific column. The list might have custom filter functionality (see below) to enable this. Regardless of what format dates are displayed in (for example dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy-mm-dd) you are always able to filter dates by complete date, month and year, only year or beginning of the complete date expression using the free text search. For example searching for “30/0” will give a hit beacuse this is the beginning of the date expression. Just replace the slash in the examples above with dash or period and type the date parts in the correct order depending on what date format your culture uses.

Searching for e-mail addresses is in general no different than searching for other words. If your search term is the beginning of an e-mail adress that is in the current list you will get hits. In addition to this we have also made it possible to search for the domain of e-mail addresses. If you search for “mira.se” you will get hits for each row where an e-mail address with this end exists. Please note that this would also include the e-mail adress “marcus@sales.mira.se”. To only get hits with the exact domain @mira.se in the address, include the @ in you search term; “@mira.se”.

Certain columns (very few) might not be available to match on in the free text search. This is due to technical limitations or is by design to improve your filter result.

Filtering the list
Filtering the list by free text search.


When the list has a checkbox column to the left you can select rows. By clicking the text “5 selected” in the top right of the list you can filter the list so that it shows only the currently selected rows. Click the text again to disable this filter.

Filter selected rows


Some lists has a filter button in the top right section. Clicking this button will reveal a menu of predefined filters that ara available in the current view. Click a filter to apply it. Some of these filters can be combined, and some can’t. The check marks to the left will indicate what filters are activated and when at least one of these filters are activated the button will turn blue.

Predefined filters

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