When processing online donations, how is contact information updated?


When processing an online donation, you first want to decide if a new person should be created, or if the donation should be connected to an existing person. If connecting to an existing person, you will want to verify the donor’s contact information.

In the list of unprocessed online donations, select the donation to process. We will then look for matching existing persons. Choose if you want to create a new person, connect the donation to one of the matched persons, or, if no match is found, you can manually select an existing person.


If you create a new person, the contact information from the donation form will be automatically added to that person.

If the donation is connected to an existing person, the donation will be connected to that person, but that person’s current contact information will not be updated automatically. You will want to verify the donor’s contact information and decide if you want to replace the current address, or if you want to add a separate address (e.g. if you have a company adress, and now received a home address). If you add a new address you need to select which one should be the primary contact address.

The easiest way to do this is to open the matched person profile in a separate window. When you click the person in the list of matched persons, the person profile will be opened in a new window. If needed, copy and paste the information from the donation to the person profile.

In our current version you can access the receipt / confirmation and access the information provided by the donor in the donation form, if you made a mistake when processing the donation and overlooked to update contact information. We also have a duplicate management feature where you can merge two persons, if you missed to connect the donation to an existing person.


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