What happens when the maximum number of participants is reached for my course?


a) Will our reserve confirmation text be displayed for those who register?
A: The text that is displayed in the field ”Confirmation text – reserves” (that you can find in the field “Confirmation text- reserves” under the field “Registration Form”) will be displayed for those who register when the course has reached its maximum number of participants.

b) Will the standard confirmation e-mail with ”thank you for your registration” still be sent to the reserves?
A: Yes, the standard confirmation e-mail will also be sent to those who register and are reserves.

c) Are these registrations added to the list ”not processed registrations”?
A: Yes, the registrations that are reserves are counted in the number that is shown in the field ”overview”, and they are included when you navigate to the list through the link ”process”.

d) How do you identify the reserves in the list?
A: It is not possible to directly see which registrations that are reserves. But the information is easy to access by notifying the course maximun number of registrants and compare it to the registration date for all participants.

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