FAQ: What are design templates and content templates for email communications?

When sending e-mail from Mira, you create an email campaign. An email campaign is sent to one or several recipients. Unlike when sending to multiple recipients with a regular email program such as Outlook or Gmail, when using Mira to send email, a separate recipient email is generated for each recipient. You can therefore use dynamic fields such as ##Firstname## that will be replaced with unique content.

From design template to recipient email

Email Design templates

An email design template specifies the fixed content for the email message, that cannot be edited when creating a specific email campaign. That includes the HTML required to make the email responsive, colors, typography such as fonts, line-spacing and format for headings. The design template can also include mandatory header and footer. A design template works a little like a theme in Microsoft Office.

Normally you have one branded template (DefaultTemplate) in addition to a plain design template that looks similar to a regular email. If you have a bilingual system you will have one design template per language.

Email Content templates

When sending email to a single recipient or to multiple recipients (by first creating a query), you start with a email content template. Each content template is based on a design template. You will always have the option to use an empty, “blank” content template, but your Mira system can and should contain multiple templates for different types of email campaigns.

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