HOW TO: Add an organization

  1. To add an organization, either
    • from the start page, click the Organization-badge to get to the list of all organizations and then click the plus button, or
    • from the left side menu, under Organizations, click Add organization.
  2. If you know the organization number, enter it in the box. (Note that is is possible to have multiple organizations with the same organizational number. (See article about What is an organization? Best practices for managing organizations in a CRM-system.)
  3. If you have integrations with an external organization register, you can use the button to search the external database and pre-fill the form with information found.
  4. In the form, enter the name of the organization. The system will search for existing organizations. If you select an existing organization you can either
    • edit the new organization’s name so that it is unique to create a new organization, or
    • click the badge with the organization id to go to the existing organization and update that organization instead.
  5. Enter the phone, city, country and homepage of the organization.
  6. Click Save & go to profile to save and go to the created organization. Or click Save & add new to save this organization and add another organization. The created organization will be in the recent list in the right sidebar.
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