How long does it take for an e-mail to reach the recipient?

Usually e-mails are delivered instantly (within seconds) to the recipients. Our statistics show that an email leaves the Mira system within 1 second. To achieve this we are using Mandrill.

If an e-mail takes more than 10-20 minutes to reach the end user something is not normal and further investigation could be is necessary.

  1. Take a look at the Campain History page in your system.
  2. To see if there is any problems with Mandrill go to
  3. Contact Mira Live and we will investigare further.

If you want to understand what happens then an email is delivered to a recipient, please read further.

When mails are sent from your Mira system there are a lot of things that happen:

1. The mail is sent from the Mira system to Mandrill (
2. Mandrill sends the mail to the recipient
3. The e-mail might pass several SMTP-Servers (mail servers) on its way to the recipients mail box.

In each of these steps there might be delays.

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