How is my system hosted?


The Mira system consists of the following parts:

My Mira system

Your Mira system is hosted at our hosting partner DGC. The application is hosted on two different servers;

  • one for the application software
  • one for the stored information (database server)

The database used is MS SQL Server 2008 r2 and the application is coded using C# and .Net version 4.5.

DGCs server environment is state of the art and desingned by Coromatic. All servers in a Mira system run on virtual servers in a server cluster and uses a storage area network (SAN) to achieve high performance, load balancing and data redundancy. All servers are also protected by a firewall. The server cluster makes it possible to replace malfunctioning hardware without any downtime. To ensure protection against natural disasters, server site breakdown and other major events DGC runs mirrored sites on two geographically different locations.

The virtual servers allow us to run the system efficiently and cost effective. We monitor the load on all our servers, and have more than adequate server capacity. Performance under normal use and peak use are not an issue. Longer access times are usually caused by a cache that has expired or the system has been restarted, then all cache must be rebuilt and the system will seem slow the first or first few accesses. After startup system and portal load usually does not particularly affect system performance.

If there is a bottle neck on the server application side, we can easily increase server capacity since the application is hosted on virtual servers, and resources can be dynamically allocated.


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