How does the reworked waiting list feature for events work?

For a while you have had the option to toggle on a waiting list for your events. We have now reworked this feature and added an automatic function for filling vacant spots on the event. In this article I will go through how the waiting list works and a few things to remember when using the feature. 

In order to toggle on the waiting list, you must go the “Settings” tab and from there check the” Waiting list” option.


You also must limit the number of available spots on your event. As soon as your event is fully booked the application page will close and applicants will instead have the option of signing up for the waiting list.

If a person signs up, they will receive an e-mail that confirms that they are now put on the waiting list. If a person is being moved from the waiting list to the event, he/she will receive a new confirmation e-mail informing the person that he/she now has a spot in the event. We have recently added a new function to the waiting list feature and the system will automatically fill vacant spots that are opened due to other participants cancellation from the waiting list.

Quirks and features:

  • We currently use the same confirmation e-mail regardless if the applicant registers from the application page or is moved from the waiting list.
  • The automatic feature only works if a registered participant cancels his/her registration. If an administrator changes application status, the system will not automatically fill any vacated slots.
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