How do I create an activity for a group of people? (Group contact notes)

When you have an activity with a group of people, you might want to log the same activity on all of the participants profile.

Soy you had a meeting with Nellie, Sulivan and Fawne. Do like this:

  1. Use the all persons list filter to find Fawne and select her by clicking the checkbox
  2. Use the filter to find Sullivan and Nellie and select them
  3. Verify that you have selected the correct number of persons
  4. Select Process (the bolt) > Create query
    group contact notes
  5. Click Group contact notes
  6. Write the note for the activity, select the type and optional collaboration category and click Add.
  7. The same activity is now logged for each of the selected persons.

Creating a group contact note


Bonus question: Wouldn’t it be easier to just be able to add multiple persons and/or organizations when adding the activity? 

Yes, it is coming. Until then, the process described above is the best workaround.


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