How come the “total gift amount” does not exactly match the sum of “paid” and “pledged” donations?

For all gifts, the sum of all payments should match the gift amount. Gifts with some payments not marked as paid, are listed as pledges. The gift amount, minus the sum of payments marked as “paid” is the pledge balance.

When adding a gift, make sure you add payments totaling the gift amount. If the sum of all payments do not match the gift amount a warning text (A) is shown, but it is still possible to save the gift.

FAQ Mismatch gift amount vs paid and pledged

In the table of donations per month in the Campaign Progress Report, column two and three are from payments, but column three and four are from gifts. If the sum of paid and pledged does not match the total gift amount, there are probably gifts where the sum of payments does not total the gift amount.

FAQ Payments vs gift amount

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