Does deleting a person profile erase all stored personal data?

Johan Johannesson

When you delete a person, that profile is marked as deleted. When a person’s profile is deleted, you can no longer access their profile, their contact information or activities. That profile is no longer counted as an email recipient, alumni registration or event participant. 

Deleting profiles is primarily for removing profiles that have been added erroneously to the system, such as duplicates. 

In most cases it is possible for Mira to undelete a deleted profile. Contact us if you have deleted a profile by mistake. 

Deleting a person’s profile does not guarantee that personal data is removed from the system. If your goal is to erase personal data, use the function Erase personal data. See also What happens when I delete a profile, mark a person as deceased, or erase personal data for a person?

To delete a single person profile, go to the person profile, click the Actions button and select Delete person. To delete multiple persons, create a saved person query and contact us, and we will help you mark those persons as deleted.

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