Creating an email campaign

When sending e-mail from Mira, you create an email campaign. An email campaign is sent to one or several recipients. Unlike when sending to multiple recipients with a regular email program such as Outlook or Gmail, when using Mira to send email, a separate recipient email is generated for each recipient. You can therefore use dynamic fields such as ##Firstname## that will be replaced with unique content.

When sending email to a single recipient or to multiple recipients (by first creating a query), you start with a content template. A content template is based on a design template that specifies the graphical design of the email. 

When you have selected a content template, you can specify additional recipients, from-address, subject and content.

Create email campaign


An email campaign can be sent to individual persons, saved queries and/or independent email addresses. You can also block persons in a a saved query.
Each recipient will receive an individual email message and will not be able to see the other recipients.


The available options for From-field is determined by the content template. They can be
  • fixed in the template,
  • the current logged in user,
  • the system e-mail address, or
  • any person in the saved query “Possible senders”.
The From-address you select will show as the From name (Anna Andersson in the example below) and the reply-to email address (anna@example.com in the example below). Regardless of what you select in the From-field, the from email address will always be something @mnsvc.com to allow the system to manage bounces and auto-replies. To see them, click Bounced email under Email in the left side navigation menu.


Enter the subject for the email. The default subject is specified in the content template. The subject cannot be empty, or you will get an error message when you click Preview.


Write the content just as you would write a regular email. The design template will ensure that the email will look good on mobile devices, tablets and desktops and in different email programs.
You can use format styles for normal text and headings. Their appearance is defined by the design template specified from the content template. Images are always inserted to be full width.
Use the Insert menu to insert
  • Call to action: A highly visible button for important links.
  • YouTube videos: enter the link to a YouTube video, and you will ge a full width preview image linked to the video. Note that you should use the normal link the the video, not the “share” or “embed” link.
  • Two column section: will be sown as two columns of equal width on larger devices, but one single column on smaller screens. You can use images and call-to-actions within columns.
You can also insert Dynamic fields that will be replaced with content when the email is sent.
If your goal is the get reaction from your recipients, try to have a call-to-action early in the message.
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