Can I change the email address for an event registration?

Magnus Bratt

If an event participant enters an incorrect email address in her event registration, the registration will be saved, but she will not get a confirmation email.

As an internal user (administrator) you cannot change the email address for an event registration. For non paid events, you can either ask the participant to register again with the correct email address or you can add the registration yourself. If you add the registration as an administrator you will get the option to send a confirmation email to the participant. You can then delete or cancel the original registration.

For paid events this is not possible since the payment is attached to the original registration. You then need to contact us and we can change the email address.

Bonus question: Why don’t we have an “confirm your email”-field?

Usability research has shown that users most often copy/paste their e-mail when they are required to repeat it in a confirmation field. The email confirmation field does not solve the incorrect submission problem. Not only that, but it forces users to do more work than they’d rather do. Users can end up making typing errors in both fields.

Bonus question 2: Couldn’t you track bounced emails?

Great idea! It is in our backlog as #43196 As an event organizer, in the list of participants, I want to see a warning if the registration email bounced, so that I know that the participant has not received the confirmation email and that emails sent to that participant will not be received. We cannot promise any time frame for this.

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