Advanced filtering: How can I use filtering to select an arbitrary set of rows in a list?

Let’s say you are working in a person list and you would like to select all people working at Volvo or ICA with the word “important” in their internal notes.

First filter the list by entering “Volvo important” in the filtering text box. Use the dropdown menu by the top left checkbox to select all matching rows. Notice that the text “X selected” is displayed to the right at the top of the list.

Now change the text filter to “ICA important” and select all of these rows as before. The number of selected rows will increase correspondingly.

You can now click on the “X selected” text at the top to filter out and review all your selected rows to make sure they should all be included in your selection.

After reviewing the rows you are now ready to perform an action with your selection, such as creating a query or sending an e-mail.

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